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How does the Eye work

Hey, everyone, today’s article topic is – How does the eye work? Eye Anatomy consists of many intricate parts of the eye. It involves parts that allow light refraction, maintaining the shape of the eye, light conversion and much more.

Although we will not list all of the parts we will try to explain some of them and their function.

We have a pair of Eyeballs the size of Ping-Pong balls lodged in two bony cavities called the Orbit in the skull. The Orbit provides bony protection to the eyes and acts as a helmet, safeguarding the soft, delicate eyeballs.

On the outer surface, the eyeballs protected by two curtains of skin and connective tissue called the Eyelids. They can be broadly divided into two parts: the anterior and the posterior part.

the Eye work properly

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This is the portion of the eye in front of the lens. It includes the followings:

  • The Conjunctiva
  • Cornea’
  • Sclera
  • Iris
  • Lens

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Conjunctiva: This is the portion of the eye in front of the lens. It includes The Conjunctiva, cornea, sclera, iris and the lens. Covering the anterior part of the eye I a thin, transparent membrane called to Conjunctiva. This part is very important for how does the eye work topic.

Sclera: The Sclera is the exterior white part of the eye that you can see. It contributes protection and structure for the inner parts of the eye.

Cornea: The translucent crooked part of the outer layer of the eye is called the Cornea. The cornea is actually Colorless and transparent and it looks black, blue or green because of the underlying color of a pigmented tissue called IRIS.

Iris: The Iris acts as a pigmented curtain, filtering off the excess Light.

Pupil: In the center of the Iris lies an aperture called the pupil, which allows the light to pass through.

Natural Lens: the lens is a crystalline, bio convex structure in the eye which focuses light from images on to the Retina.

Aqueous Humour: The Aqueous Humor is the watery region in the form of the Eyeball. It is distant into two regions, the former chamber in front of the iris and the behind chamber

Behind it.

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This is the portion of the eye that lies behind the lens and holds the followings:

  • Retina
  • Macula
  • Vitreous Humor


Retina: The retina is the innermost layer of sensitive tissue. When light is broadcast here images can definitely be transmitted to the brain.

The retina consists of many layers counting layers of rods and cones. Many cells in the retina convert light into chemical and electrical efficiency that is transferred to optical nerves. This part is also very important for how does the eye work topic.

Macula: The central portion of the retina, on which all the central images are focused, is called the Macula.

The Macula is a deeply hypersensitive part of the retina. It is responsible for our detailed vision.

The center of the macula is called the fovea which has a major role in detailed perception. When there is destruction to the macula, we are impotent to see finer details.

Vitreous Humour: The vitreous humors is a gel-like substance that occupies the posterior segment and supports the Maintenance of ocular integrity.


How does the eye work? This topic is finished now. If you have any question, please comment the below box. And if you like this blog, you can share by your social media. Thank you all!


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