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Why take care of your eyes? We know, the eye parts are very important in our human body. Without the eyes, this world is like us in a dark world. To be healthy, take care of other parts of our body as well as care for eyes. Our eyes do a lot of work all day, which we never consider. Just how often we look at these two eyes without sleeping time.

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Innovative Eye Care Screening: Must Be Read This Blog

Today’s article topic is - Innovative eye care screening! This is the part of eye screening details information. Hey, Everyone, I am from takecareofeyes.com and today I will discuss the innovative eye care tips and tricks. Some Important Parts of Innovative Eye Care: Eye Screening Charts for Community Workers Measuring Tape Eye Care Educational Materials ...

Types Of Eye Injuries: Expectations vs. Reality

Today’s topic is - Types of eye injuries! Trauma refers to any injury to the eye either accidental or intentional. It remains a major cause of blindness and morbidity to the eye worldwide. Though trauma can occur due to various types of  eye injuries sustained during birth, domestic work and in sports, the most common...

Eye infections – Describe Details And Types of Eye Infections

This chapter describes some of the 5 common eye infections: Conjunctivitis, stye, chalazion, dacryocystitis and corneal ulcer. Related Blog: Eye Problems of Childhood And Eye Diseases of Children Types of Eye Infections: Conjunctivitis Stye Eye disease Chalazion Infection Dacryocystitis And corneal ulcer Eye Infections 01. Conjunctivitis: Commonly known as ‘Madras eye’, conjunctivitis is an infection of the mucous...

Eye Problems of Childhood And Eye Diseases of Children

Today's Topic - Eye Problems of Childhood! Childhood blindness is a devastating social and economic problem. When a child is born blind or becomes blind, the loss of considerable man years of productivity compounds the magnitude of the economic loss, even surpassing the man years lost due to age-related cataract. Related blog: How to Make Eyes...

What is Eye Glaucoma? Mechanism of the Disease

Today’s topic – What is Eye Glaucoma? Glaucoma refers to a group of eye diseases where the optic nerve gets progressively destroyed often due to an increase in the fluid pressure within the eye, resulting in gradual vision loss and eventually blindness. The fluid is called the aqueous hum our and the pressure is termed...